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Eremurus Roots 

Available Varieties 

Amber Apricot

Color/Size: varies light pink to light orange; XL, L, M some S

This is a unique one because it varies in color from pink to peach. Tall and beautiful, this is one of our favorites!


Color/Size bright yellow; M and S mostly

Pretty bright yellow eremurus. Blooms midseason. Very few large heads, mostly medium to small heads and grows 3-5 feet tall.


A Beautiful dark orange with a pink hue, a standard among eremurus and an excellent cut flower.


A Beautiful pink eremurus, though it starts to bloom about a week later than Romance and Oasis and has a shorter height average.


*Limited Supply*

The first eremurus to bloom in the Spring; it blooms the end of April or the first week in May. 3-5 feet tall with beautiful white blooms. It does not keep well in a cooler, but it will last well in a vase. These need to be kept straight up or they will curl.

Hybrid Mix

Collection of eremurus with a mixture colors-- yellows, oranges and pink with a little bit of white now and then.


Blooms the same time as Romance, basically same height and color of blossoms, though it does have a thicker stem on average and maybe slightly higher height average.

Orange Marmalade

Nice light orange color resembling orange marmalade. Blooms about mid season. Excellent cut flower; keeps well in a cooler.


*Limited Supply*

An absolutely beautiful early blooming yellow, extra tall height with a very large blossom. You can't get anything prettier than this one!


A Beautiful extra tall pink eremurus, one of the first to bloom after Himalaicus. A great cut flower.

Spring Valley Splendor

 An extra tall variety with a narrower stem, it can get as tall as 7 feet. Has blossoms with yellow and orange petals that give it a peach color. Gorgeous!

White Beauty

*Limited Supply*

Lovely white eremurus; has white blossoms with a green center. Blooms mid season and grows 3-5 feet tall. Good cut flower.

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